The 2021 AWD Mazda 3 Turbo Coming With More Power & Stylish

Not everybody likes to drive, and not every car is pleasant to drive. And that’s fine—and there are more reasons why you take the bus for traveling like a chore. But some of us enjoy it and some car firms take it upon themselves. And I’m not talking about unattainable supercars either; it’s still common OEMs that build affordable, enthusiastic cars. Just like, for instance, Mazda.

Mazda 3 AWD 2021

The Mazda 3 is a compact, but highly desirable hatchback and sedan that compete with mainstream cars. The price ranges from low to medium to 30,000 dollars, which fits the narrative. Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Jetta, Hyundai Elantra are amongst the rivals.

What’s new in the 2021 Mazda 3?

This year the great news is the addition of a 2,5-liter Turbo-4 model, which produces 227 HP and 310 Pfund (250 hp) and a 310 LB-Ft (310 lb-Ft) of premium fuel. These models sit on the top of the lineup and have features packed, although they are not significantly more sporty.

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The Mazda 3 sedan is available in three motor-based models. The 2.0 model is the base and only the sedan is available. The Select, Preferenced and Premium Package trims standards have a 2,5 S sedan and hatchback, although the hatchback cannot be trimmed in Select. The new 2.5 Turbo and 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus are at the top of the line-up.

Besides that, The suspension has been slightly modified, mainly to cope with the additional weight of the Turbo powertrain. Thus, steeper dampers and stronger steering weapons are available, and the front speed has increased by 15%. The rear differential is also new for handling this motor’s much higher torque.

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The Mazda 3 is very safe, according to the agencies which test crash cars. The NHTSA ranked top five-star in 2021 Mazda 3 and the IIHS honored the Top Safety Pick+ model for 2020. The figure for 2021 comes from the IIHS, but we expect the same results.

Mazda 3 2021 Price

The model 2021 Mazda 3 2.0 is $21,445 and the Turbo Premium Plus is $34,695. The all-wheel-drive adds $1,400 on 2.5 S and standard Turbos are available.

The 2021 Mazda 3 is as efficient as most compact cars, although others are more thriving on the pump. The least powerful versions are most efficient, although the 2.5 S and 2.5 Turbo models are all qualified for a fuel efficiency rating of 5 out of 10.

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