Damon Is Unveiling Two New HyperDrive-Based Electric Motorcycles

Damon Motorcycles today announces its newest electric motorcycle platform, the HyperDrive.

We’ve been following Damon since the summer of 2019 when it still used Zero Motorcycles’ electric motor to power its prototypes.

HyperDrive is the first multi-variable monocoque powertrain built worldwide. 
The energy-efficient pack design is a structural motorcycle designed for a lot of battery power and is the heart of the most exciting and groundbreaking motorcycles in the future.
HyperDriveTM redefines motorcycle performance, reliability and design industry benchmarks.

Although it has yet to deliver electric motorcycles to customers, Damon has accepted a $40,000 reservation deposit. Now with the unveiling of two new electric motors on its new HyperDrive platform, the company hopes to collect more.

Damon calls the HyperDrive platform the First 100% electric, multi-variant powertrain platform in the world, which redefines engine performance, safety and design.”

Apparently, two new motors, HyperSport SX and SE, are being built with the HyperDrive platform.

The “estimated price of the HyperSport SX is $19,995 and comes complete with a 15 kWh battery and a 150 hp (111 KW) engine, and a maximum of 241 kilometers.

A smaller 11 kWh battery, a 108 hp (80 kW), and a maximum range of 100 miles (160 km) are provided for the HyperSport SE. The motorcycles carry a 6.6 kW integrated loader that benefits from charges of Level 1 and Level 2 and up to 25 kW DC fast loading.

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