About Us

The TheGlobalTrend is an ambitious multimedia effort founded in 2015 to examine how technology will change a massive mainstream audience’s future life.

TheGlobalTrend delivers timely analyzes and in-person interactions based on our expert posts. Our editorial section represents evolving technology developments – from the internet to desktop, startups to big business, encryption, open-source, auto, crypto and more.

Providing informative tech knowledge and helping enthusiasts around the world make the most of their digital lives. Our mission is to provide details with a clear look at the future.

Our Team

Robert A. Barrientos

The founder and Chief Editor of TheGlobalTrend is Robert A. Barrientos. A veteran of the IT industry and ancient scholar, Robert studies the emergence, culture, and creativity of intellectual property regimes.

Li Chia

Li Chia is a supervisor of gadget, automotive, IT, and gaming / cultural material for Senior Technology Editor at Ars. He also knows the storage, safety, and human space flight of enterprises.

Julia T. Soto

Julia T. Soto is TheGlobalTrend ‘s senior review editor covering Apple products, showcases, production hardware and apps, creative professionals, and much more.

Lynn L. Flores

Lynn L. Flores leads a team of editors who chronicle the digital age of money transformation. She also contributes to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology news analysis.

David J. Hardison

David J. Hardison is a news editor for TheGlobalTrend, which is interested in gadgets and everything new in the technology field whether it’s up-to-date phone info, a new app, or unwinding what 5 G does when it comes around.

Loren M. Dotson

Loren M. Dotson is a TheGlobalTrend writer concentrating on articles, reviews, and news reports. When he isn’t at work, sometimes at the same time he plays games, attempts to cook, and plays with cats.

Arthur D. Knight

Vanessa M. is The GlobalTrend ‘s senior trade editor, which supervises purchasing and trade coverage guidelines. He also contributes news and feedback on consumer technology. He has a headquarters in NYC.

Hazel J. Kaufman

Hazel is the TheGlobalTrend Editor, where she is Android OS and Google products specialized. She is always searching for a new gadget and likes to tear stuff off to see how it works.

Paul C. Mader

With a particular soft corner for Apple, he is highly enthusiastic about technology and innovations and sometimes how-to guides & accessory reviews.

Scott J. Cook

Scott J. Cook is responsible for the financial stability of the company and is responsible for accounting, finance, research, treasury and investor relations, and strategic planning.

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