Apple Is Planning To Limit “Creepy” User Tracking In the Next Version of iOS

Apple says Facebook is bad for confidentiality but according to Facebook, Apple is bad for competition. Apple’s plan to add a new privacy feature to iOS to limit “invasive, even creepy” tracking by third-party companies is nothing more than a misuse of competition’s market power.

Apple announced in June that iOS 14 would make an adjustment which would require application developers to inform users if their app would collect an IDFA (ID for advertisers’ ID) unique device code. However, Apple postponed the implementation of the new policy and launched iOS 14 in September, without allowing it, following Facebook and other firms’ pushback. Instead, the company said the feature would be added “early next year so developers would have more time to update their apps.

According to Apple’s Senior Director for global privacy, Apple supports its plan for next year’s new app transparency (ATT) tracking feature. Horvath also wrote that tracking can be invasive, even creepy, and takes place without meaningful user consciousness or consent more often than not.

We’ve just thought that tracking should be transparent and under user control, which will create the trust that everyone benefits. Horvath also added: we are not against advertising. She called Facebook especially in the letter, adding;

Facebook executives clearly stated their intention to collect maximum data from both first and third-party products to develop and monetize detailed user-profiles and that disregard for user confidentiality continues to grow to more of its products… We regard iOS 14 as a natural development that implements the ATT feature and offers our users the same explicit, privacy-enhancing choice as we do for other important features of the device in tracing their apps.

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