Why Barclays Shut My Account Without Warning ?

This is the real incident of a person from Liverpool and is a 69-year-old widower who has been working abroad for 40 years and is a project manager in Bangladesh. He says the Barclays bank seized all of his money from his current accounts as well as from saving accounts three weeks ago.

He has a savings of £320,000 over the whole of his life and suddenly without warning or explanation, he has been left penniless. So far, Barclays refused to tell me why the money had been taken. I’m looking for your assistance now, as they’re too big to be afraid of me.

It sounds like you’re another de-risk victim. Every year when their funds were confiscated or banks closed down their accounts. Banks are subject to expensive fines when their client accounts have been used for criminal activities, which is why transactions to or from highly risky countries sometimes lead to a frozen or closed account without warning.

Banks are required to notify the National Crime Agency (NCA), which has to investigate up to 31 days, of any activity they consider suspect. It is necessary that the funds are frozen during that time and that the bank is criminally responsible if it tells the customer why. The problem is that many unsuspecting customers are simply caught up in unfounded suspicion because it is linked to a particular country or because of an unusually large transaction. One customer from Barclays was targeted by a court for clinical negligence after receiving a £500,000 compensation payment.

The day after he contacted Barclays, without a word it returned the money Barclays said that the account activity led to a “routine review.” It says: as a regulated company, we have certain regulatory obligations that may require us to retain transactions or services or sometimes to block accounts. We appreciate this was a difficult time for the customer and we are sorry for any inconvenience.

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