Have you ever watched Wi-Fi ‘Weak Security’ Alert on iPhone! What’s that?

Have you seen a warning on your iPhone about “weak Wi-Fi security” in the Wi-Fi section? I think many of us have received this warning since iOS 14 upgrades.

The message that appears on your iPhone under a network name for the Wi-Fi says that your router needs to be reconfigured. WPA/WPA2 TKIP is not considered secure.” This means you will need to reconfigure your router and make the highest possibility of security.

Actually, Apple says you don’t have a secure Wi-Fi network to plug in your iPhone. But it means especially that you do not have the strongest connection like the latest standard — which means that the hacker can go inside the router and can easily compromise any iPhone’s or other devices.

However, to make your router as safe as possible is a good idea in terms of security. When you’re brave, you can change its settings to update your router. Of course, this isn’t always as simple as that but if you have a copy of the manual you have to see how you can download and make sure that you regularly download the last software and firmware updates.

So always make sure to set your password with a complex of your own rather the using the router with a given default password.

Apple’s iOS 14 has many privacy and safety settings, including an orange dot to tell you when a microphone app accesses. In addition, iOS 14 allows you to mask the Wi-Fi of your iPhone so as to avoid tracking your activity on wireless networks.

Therefore to avoid a “weak safety” warning on your iPhone and want to be secure against hackers then you must change your settings and set a strong password or if possible replace the old with a new one. And along with that, it is also recommended to download and install iOS 14 on your device.

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