Do you know what are the Orange and Green Dots on Your iPhone?

Have you ever notice some dots on your iPhone? Do you actually know what are the orange and green dots on your iPhone or iPad?

Well if you have an iPhone updated to iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 then you can see some dots in the top status bar. What are these dots that come in orange and green?

An orange dot means that an app has recently accessed your microphone whereas a green dot means that an app has recently accessed your camera.

So when you access a camera or any apps like Snapchat, Voice Memos, Camera, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, FaceTime, and others you will see the dots in the top right side of the status bar and a name of the app with color when you open the Control Center.

Not only that when you open the control center, but you will also see the app name that is recently been used accessing sensitive parts of your iPhone.

This could be a good feature from Apple in iOS 14 which could be a nice user experience to the users.

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