This Mindfulness-Based Apps Could Be Best For Your Children

It can be quite anxious for parents to send a child to school during a COVID-19 pandemic. But schools with social distance, masks, and other coronavirus reminders are also stressful for children.

So one approach to stress reduction of your kids is a regular meditation practice. Fostering awareness can improve self-regulation and is an effective way of promoting child resilience.

So how can we encourage children to be conscientious? Maybe these consciousness apps can help. The Mobile App Rating Scale (MARS) was used to evaluate the quality of these apps on the basis of Engagement, Functionality, Aesthetics, Aesthetics, Information, etc.

Generally, children’s apps must be fun, interactive, easy to use, and stylish (but with clean layouts); the information submitted must, in addition, be relevant and readily understandable.

The addition of video and audio material to explain and supplement written content is one of the main benefits of using consciousness apps compared to books about awareness. Video/audio content can be more engaging, interactive, and enjoyable in the overall experience.

If you have kids and want to make them busy learning great things than you should definitely download the list of Mindfulness Apps for your children.

Best Mindfulness-Based Apps for you Kids

  1. Mindfulness with Petit BamBou
  2. Headspace: Meditation and Mindfulness 
  3. Breethe—Guided Meditation and Mindfulness
  4. Stop, Breathe & Think Kids
  5. Serenity: Guided Meditation
  6. Calm
  7. Mindful powers

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