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Can Bitcoin’s Price Reach $1 Million?


When I wrote this, Bitcoin’s digital currency hit an all-time higher than $2,400. Less than seven months later, bitcoin’s price has reached 19,000 dollars. Bitcoin has seen amazing gains this decade and many experts wonder – could Bitcoin possibly increase…

The Rise Of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

blockchain rise

Blockchain is probably the most important technology that shapes the business and finance world today. In particular, Bitcoin has dramatically changed the way people handle transactions and business transactions. In fact, according to Leftronic, the blockchain industry is expected to…

Alert: Remove Adblockers Right Now!


According to technical analyses and posts on Github, adblocking extensions with more than 300,000 active users have surreptitiously uploaded user browsing data and tampered with using social media accounts thanks to malware introduced by its new owner a few weeks…