Apple Will Likely Have Under Display Touch ID in iPhone 13 Models

According to Barclays analyst Andrew Gardiner, iPhone 13 models are set to be released later this year, in addition to the Face ID, will “probably” feature a fingerprint scanner (Under display Touch ID) embedded in the authentication display.

In 2017, Apple disclosed the most important redesign in its phone line history with the iPhone X. The home button was gone, indicating the end of the Touch ID and the increase of the Face ID. Both the biometric security systems have advantages and disadvantages, but Apple chose to upgrade facial recognition to the fingerprint scan. But according to one report, the demise of Touch ID might end up being reversed as soon as this year.

Barclay analyst Andrew Gardiner and three colleagues have claimed, in a research note obtained by MacRumors, that Apple “will likely” place a fingerprint scanner under the next iPhone glass. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a rumor or report about Apple adding a scanner to your iPhone, but we didn’t necessarily expect to see it on the iPhone 13. It would mark another big shift for the telephone line.

The analysts also say that, besides a fingerprint scanner under the display, the iPhone 13 is going to have a “more tightly integrated version of the current structured light system,” which will enable Apple to shrink. The notch made its debut on iPhone X to contain all the sensors needed to function the Face ID system, and while rumors every year of make-up have not yet taken place.

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