BMW’s New Concept Of Electric Scooters Could Be Perfect !

As a leader in electric mobility, BMW is trying to recover. BMW has revealed the new bold new concept for electric scooter, the CE 04 definition for motorcycles, in a series of announcements outlining the latest carmakers of the German market.

The company did not publish any information in true concept form, and it did not tell whether or when it will turn into a true motorcycle people can buy. But BMW says it aims to “redefine the scooter segment” — without something being produced, you can’t do that very well.


The German automaker has worked hard to develop an entire crop of two-wheeled battery-powered cars.

BMW stated the bike technology has been deliberately developed in the design, and the side panels do not cover the entire rear section of the vehicle. The CE04 has a more industrial feel than your average Vespa in this hint of scooter internal mechanizations.

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