This is What Apple’s AirTag Coule Be!

Rumors suggest that the next Apple AirTag Bluetooth item trackers come equipped with a variety of accessories to attach to items, and a supposed AirTag keychain on Twitter has now appeared.

As Fudge points out, the design is comparable to the patent of an AirTag, but is an easy-to-fake feature, which can not confirm the legitimacy of the photo accessory. Fudge suggests leaking with a “salt bit,” because this is easy to replicate, but this might be our first glance at an AirTag accessory, if legitimate.

AirTags are thought to be small, round dishes that can be connected to items that can be tracked directly with iPhones, iPads, Macs, and other Apple devices in the Find My application.

When AirTags first started, there were numerous mixed rumors and no clear word as to when we could see them. It is possible that AirTags will be present at the November event but it may not be due to the expected Mac focus of the event.

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