If Your Phone Have “This App”, Delete It Immediately

A new report by the Upstream security research team today warns users to look at their smartphones for one of Android’s most popular video apps to be handled with extreme caution. It’s not the first time that such serious security warnings were triggered by this particular app. All versions of this app have concerns – but some versions have been described as very hazardous’ and must be removed immediately from devices.

The app name is VivaVideo, which is described as one of the largest free Android video edition apps with at least 100 million Play Store installs,” and is developed by QuVideo Inc. In recent months, Upstream followed up with previous warnings, which reveal the extent of the problem in this specific app.

The app is constantly updated, but the latest versions of the app in both the Play Store and third party stores contain suspicious techniques, which can not be found in fraudulent modules, for security researchers. Other third-party versions available include those dangerous threats – nothing but the latest update can be obtained from the Play Store.

Upstream says malicious versions of VivaVideo both run fraudulent adware and trigger buys-all of which are unknown to users. “Fake click on an ad banner, followed soon by an attempt to buy a subscription-at that point, the device was unattended at the laboratory,” according to the team.

The app has access to your microphone for the recording of audio. It can view your Wi-Fi connections, read and modify your storage, track your precise location, get your list of applications running, take photos and video, close your apps and other apps, play your home settings.

“We have blocked more than 20 million suspicious mobile transmission requests, from more than 1 million unbundled devices in 19 countries, throughout the monitoring period,” says Uppstream, “throughout the monitoring period, with VivaVideo installed.” “Older versions of this app, version v7.4 and below,” warns Upstream, “can prove very dangerous to everyday users.”

So Tiktok users or those who edit the video in Viva App, are in danger and it’s a recommendation to not take risks and uninstall the app immediately and wait until Google confirms its security.

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