Google Play Music is Dead!

google play music dead

Last week, Google Play Music died. We’ve known this has been happening for a while, and nothing happens all at once throughout the Google user base. But many sorry Google customers report that Google Music is losing its entire lives.…

This is What Apple’s AirTag Coule Be!

apple airtag

Rumors suggest that the next Apple AirTag Bluetooth item trackers come equipped with a variety of accessories to attach to items, and a supposed AirTag keychain on Twitter has now appeared. As Fudge points out, the design is comparable to…

5G Technology, All You Should Know About


The 5G network carriers are here and especially, 5G-compatibility phones like the iPhone 12 and Pixel 5, after years of hype and a humpy first year of the launcher. With its revolutionary speed and responsiveness, technology will change your life.…

Could Bitcoin Replace US Dollar?


Could the U.S. dollar be replaced by Bitcoin as the global reserve currency? The reply is yes, according to Coinbase Cofounder/CEO Brian Armstrong. He predicted that by 2030, the digital currency could very well replace the greenback. However, Bitcoin needs…

Can You Get Scammed On Bitcoin?

crypto scam

Scammers tried at first to get you to wire money to them. Then, with gift cards, they demanded payment. Scammers are now luring people with Bitcoin, a form of digital money or cryptocurrency, to pay them. Read on to learn…